6 Degrees of Kevin Brockmeier

Kevin Brockmeier is a writer.

I think Kevin Brockmeier graduated from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop because I recently came across “Some Things About Kevin Brockmeier” in Post Road #8 written by Thisbe Nissen which indicates that she was there, at Iowa, when he was there.

I once spent a day with Thisbe Nissen in the French Quarter because she was in New Orleans as the Newcomb College Zale Writer in Residence.

Newcomb College no longer exists, not really, because after Katrina the two undergraduate colleges (Newcomb and A&S) became merged and now there’s Tulane University and the Newcomb Institute.

My mother thinks they should rename the undergraduate school Newcomb and maybe that would pacify all the women who banded together to sue King Cowen over his move to subsume the South’s first coordinate college for women.

Thisbe took a lot of pictures of doors and chipped paint while I told her half-remembered ghost stories about a convent. We met my mother at a po-boy restaurant I’d never been to, and I asked about MFA programs. She applied to 15 and got into half, including Iowa, and she had a collection of short stories published by the time I met her so I figured I was screwed.

A few years later I was at SIU and Kevin Brockmeier came for Devil’s Kitchen. He read a story about god’s overcoat and prayers that in the end were put in fortune cookies by a Chinese restaurant.

Sometimes chocolate milk isn’t up for discussion.