Chronology of a Clarkesworld Submission: And then you woke up

Sometimes I have these dreams.  They started about 5 years ago when I wrote a short story and submitted it to Clarkesworld Magazine.  It was the first short story I’d written in quite a while and I didn’t know what to do with it.  Clarkesworld had just opened and Nick Mamatas, the editor at the time, had quickly become notorious for fast and personal rejections.  Some people disagreed with his editorial insights.  These people were banned.

Anyway, after my submission had been out for a few weeks I had two dreams.  In the first, Clarkesword accepted my story.  Yay!  In the second, Nick had sent me a rejection.  It was terrible.  He accused me of inflicting a vile, wretched story upon him and I should be ashamed.  I woke up scared and confused and when I saw I had a rejection from Clarkesworld, a little apprehensive.  Fortunately it was a very kind rejection, one that ended with the double please.  I couldn’t have been happier.  Well, I suppose I could’ve been happier with an acceptance but I thought surely, SURELY this meant I was improving as a writer and I would soon write wonderful, publishable stories… Continue reading