The following is an incomplete list of my recent and forthcoming publications and is mostly limited to items available online.  To view the full bibliography, please click here.


“Mouth,” Lightspeed: Forthcoming.

Lovecraft,” Clarkesworld 97 (October 2014)

“Married,” UPGRADED: A Cyborg Anthology (September 2014).

The Things They Were Not Allowed to Carry, Daily Science Fiction (July 2014).

Burial, The Dark (February 2014).

Bones, Electric Velocipede 27.

Variations on Bluebeard and Dalton’s Law Along the Event Horizon. Clarkesworld 76 (January 2013).

Robot.” Clarkesworld 72 (September 2012).

All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions.” Clarkesworld 65 (February 2012).


A Face Like an Imperfectly Shaven Tennis Ball.” Strange Horizons (March 2010).

Cleaning the Quail.” Pedestal Magazine (December, 2009).

Dalton’s Law.” Rattle (Winter 2008).

Bluebeard’s Third Wife.” Strange Horizons (December 2006).

Lower Schoolers Explore the Universe.” Strange Horizons (August 2006).

Prince Charming.” Strange Horizons (February 2005)

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